Esthetic Diploma Program

You will find Esthetics to be one of the fastest growing professions as we enter the 21st century. This program is exclusively designed for the student who wishes to become an expert in the technical art of esthetics and will develop a high level of Professionalism.
Training at the West End Academy is focused on the perfection and mastery of face and body c techniques, the development of a professional ethic, communication, and entrepreneurship. Upon graduation, the student is highly qualified in the practice of skin care, facial and body treatments and can enter the Esthetic profession with a high degree of confidence.
1000hrs, Professional Esthetician Diploma as required by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. it is one of the most comprehensive, challenging and rewarding Esthetic program.
How To Start Your Own Salon/Spa
• Choosing a location
• Importance of Legal Advises
• Business plan
• Marketing your salon/spa
• Retailing and product knowledge
• Customer services
• Happy customer Prospers salon/spa
This career has a wide range of opportunities for our students, such as:
Esthetic instructor*
Cosmetic retailing*
Sales and marketing for cosmetic Co.*
Home business*
Medical field*
Spa Director
Cruise Ship
The curriculum includes: Please note this program consists of theory and intense hands on practical experience working in a salon environment( Students are required to work on dents to gain maximum experience.)
Anatomy and Physiology of the hands, arms and parts of the nail. Structure, disorders, hygiene, bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization. Massage of the hands and lower arms, hand treatments, and paraffin treatments. Shaping nails and nail polish application. Beautifying hands and nails.
Anatomy and physiology of the feet and legs. Parts of the nail and it's structure, nail and foot disorders and foot treatments, paraffin treatment, hygiene, bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization, massage of the feet and lower legs. Removal of coms and callous, application of polish and changing overall appearance of the feet and nails.
Application of hot liquid, cream. Study of hair, step by step waxing treatment for face and body. Contra-indications, hygiene, sanitation, and sterilization.
Students will cover in theory and demonstration every area and knowledge expected by a makeup artist such as: the study of the color wheel, seasons, face shapes, contouring, highlighting,corrective techniques for eyes, nose, mouth etc. Make-up application such as evening look, dramatic, fantasy, photography, (black and white and color), mature women, and make-up for runway. Eyebrow and eyelash tinting are also included.
Studies include: The cells and anatomy of the face and neck different skin types and the knowledge to know the special needs of the clients. The use and purpose of machines such as the vaporizer, high frequency, dsincrustation, spray and suction, and brushing machines. History of the structure and functions of distinct layers of the skin. Facial procedures like extractions, steaming, analyzing, massage, applying products. Use of vials, exfoliators, algaes, clay masks, rubber masks and many other products. Students also learn about the systems of the body and how it can affect the skin. Skin dsorders and contraindications.
Body Treatments:
Cell reproduction and cells anatomy of body. Back treatments (cleansing) relaxation body massage, aromatheraphy, basic cellulite massage, algae wrap, paraffin for back, salt glow, Knowledge of how to prevent cellulite or other problems.
Ability to be knowledgeable in many areas of business, including communication, public relations, sales promotion, opening own business, retailing, telephone technigues,professional image.